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London 11th October 2017

The Disruption House announces unique Capital Markets Cluster model

  • Focus areas include; Client Servicing, Legal & Compliance (Regtech), and Data Management
  • Created in conjunction with 18 early adopter financial firms
  • “It’s a win, win situation all round.”

Following the successful launch of the Fintech Scorecard Service, The Disruption House (TDH) today announces the availability of three Capital Markets Clusters. These are the first in a series of domain specific models, created to pinpoint key business areas their 18 partner financial firms are focusing upon as part of their overall transformation initiatives. The first Capital Markets Clusters include; Client Servicing, Legal & Compliance (Regtech) and Data Management. Further Clusters covering different domains will be released in the coming months.

Created in conjunction with the early adopter banks, each individual Cluster maps their businesses’ detailed functional requirements. The Disruption House tags all the Fintech’s it identifies, against these Clusters, enabling TDH, in partnership with our panel of financial institutions to then reach out to these Fintech’s to explore participation in the scorecard process.

Rupert Bull, CEO and Co-Founder of The Disruption House said, “We were very encouraged by the interest and support we have received from our partners, all of whom contributed to the production of the Capital Markets Model and the first three prioritised Clusters. What this confirmed is the enormous appetite within financial firms to engage with new Fintech providers. Not only have the Capital Markets Clusters enabled the banks to crystallize very specific requirements in these key areas, but we also believe they will help to accelerate earlier adoption of the Fintech solutions. This process has been invaluable, as it has validated our entire approach and we can now share tangible and substantiated data on the current state of play within the banks, with the Fintechs themselves. The release of the Cluster models is a further demonstration of TDH’s cast iron commitment to fast-track Fintechs into positive engagements with their target clients, and to broaden international access for all parties.”

The Fintech Scorecard, which has been developed in consultation with nine financial institutions, assesses at a company level their reliability, adaptability, scalability, leadership capabilities and future partnership qualities. It acts as a first pass filter to identify the strengths and weaknesses as well as overall potential a service or technology provider can deliver. The technology assessment evaluates and scores software to help potential users anticipate the experience they can expect from their implementation and use of the proposed solutions. The analysis process is based on extensive research into the performance of small, technology focused, growth companies and is performed by a team of industry experts from The Disruption House, and their strategic partner, eCo Financial Technology.

An early adopter of the Fintech Scorecard service, John Davies, Chairman, Kompli-Global concluded. “A very simple idea, very well executed. One of the biggest challenges for the incumbents is finding a set of rules for measuring each of the new providers and gaining an understanding of their limitations before engagement. On the other hand, for the Fintech providers, this helps with business modelling and highlights potential weakness within the existing commercial or business offering before they are exposed to the customer. Having personally overseen a number of ISO processes accreditations as well as the TDH Fintech scorecard service, we really appreciate the value they bring in terms of ensuring everyone within the organisation is focused on best practice processes and delivering positive outcomes. TDH helps to set the standard for both the financial firms and the Fintech providers alike. It’s a win, win situation all round. Highly recommended.”


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About The Disruption House
The Disruption House is the first specialist ratings agency for early stage Fintechs. It was founded by Rupert Bull and Chris Corson based on their experiences and insights, as entrepreneurs and bankers, into the challenges that both new ventures and established organisations have around identifying and engaging with each other. Rupert has over 25 years’ experience in the international Fintech world and was a founding member of the highly successful Expand Research company which was acquired by the Boston Consulting Group in 2011. Chris has 23 years banking experience, finishing as a Senior Managing Director at Credit Suisse (CS), in Global Fixed Income. Latterly, he worked on developing the innovation agenda for CS and ways that global markets could work better with emerging technology firms.

About eCo Technology
eCo Financial Technology is The Disruption House’s technology partner. eCo was founded in 2013 by Ian Green and Tosha Ellison with support from Credit Suisse. Ian was at Credit Suisse for 15 years, holding MD positions in both technology and electronic trading. Prior to CS, he worked for and with numerous financial software companies. At SunGard he developed the award-winning Panorama portfolio analysis business line. Tosha was also at Credit Suisse for 15 years in technology and the business, latterly as COO for FID eCommerce. She began her career at a Silicon Valley financial tech start-up. Tosha received BAs in Psychology and Mass Communications from the University of California, Berkeley.

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