With increasing ESG awareness amongst clients and incoming regulations for industry participants, businesses are now forced to act across governmental policies and rule of law driving the need to showcase their ESG credentials.

“Model Office RegTech is now updated with the latest ESG regulatory requirements and been ESG rated by The Disruption House’s ESG pathway and scored highly. This should provide our licensed client firms with confidence they are employing ESG compliant technology and showcase such to their clients and regulators.“

Chris Davies CEO
Model Office

“Sustainability is in Ekkono’s DNA, and we’re on the look-out for tools that help us – as a young and all-digital company – to validate and help prioritize our ESG efforts. The Disruption House ESG assessment helped quantify our work and give concrete recommendations to move forward with our business.”

Jon Linden, CEO & Founder
Ekkono Solutions


Case study: UK Tier 1 Banking Group

Pre-contract due diligence and risk assessments need to be undertaken

A Tier 1 Bank wanted to ensure that it adheres to European Banking guidelines on supply chain resiliency. They used TDH Business Resiliency and ESG assessments to support pre-contractual due diligence.

TDH enabled them to:

  • Evaluate new FinTech suppliers pre-contract
  • Identify risks that are specific to high growth private companies (typically B2B Tech suppliers)
  • Assist Procurement, Architecture and Business Management evolve their vendor risk management
  • Demonstrate due diligence to Senior Management & Regulators


Case Study: PE Portfolio Vetting

  • PE firm specialising in providing capital and advice to entrepreneurial companies offering sustainability solutions to larger companies and government agencies.
  • Team of 7 analysts review 700 companies per year, filter and invest in 12 companies per fund.
  • Engaged TDH to assess target company providing manufacturing software solutions
  • ESG-Essentials Advisory Report carried out by target company
  • Our analyst-curated report provided benchmarking, feedback, and remedial advice to accelerate the company’s ESG strategy.

Case Study Outcome

Company score was satisfactory for maturity band but highlighted risks in several metrics including:

  • Environmental Certifications
  • Social Community and Charity Engagement
  • Governance Supply Chain Management & Risk Management

Conclusion: Governance and Environmental remediation steps taken based on TDH ESG advisory services improving the due diligence process.