Now’s the time to get ESG right

Are you looking to improve your company’s sustainability?

We understand contracting ESG consultants, or appointing Chief Sustainability Officers in each company is expensive – This is where our assessment and strategy framework can help.

What is ESG?

Essential Assessment Metrics


  • Environmental policies
  • Emissions
  • Resource consumption
  • Energy management
  • Renewables and recycling
  • Environmental supply chain management
  • Certification


  • Employee welfare
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Employee engagement
  • Training and career progression
  • Customer engagement
  • Health and safety
  • Community engagement and Charitable policies
  • Product responsibility


  • Business ethics
  • ESG awareness
  • ESG policies
  • ESG stewardship
  • Board independence
  • Board diversity
  • Management remuneration
  • Risk management
  • Data security
  • Supply chain management

Don’t just take our word for it

A recent study by Bain and Rabobank proves that when it comes to levelling up on ESG, performances throughout all business areas are elevated, and that businesses that make it a solid part of their model tend to have an advantage over businesses that don’t. Read the full summary report here.

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What’s in it for you?

Getting ESG right is complicated, and the landscape continuously evolves. Sustainable businesses are more efficient by reducing operating costs and lowering staff turnover. In addition, they are more attractive to investors and can lower their funding costs. They can even save money on key business services like insurance. The best businesses engage, inform and improve outcomes for themselves, their industry, their customers and the planet.

What’s next?

We have built an ESG starter quiz that assesses where you currently are on ESG, in a light touch manner. Its FREE, quick and easy.

Answer 22 questions in under 5 minutes to get your initial score.

You’ll be scored based on the following 3 things


The most difficult to navigate in terms of cost, benefit, resource options and financial/stakeholder impact.


Businesses recognise the bottom-line value and the wider reputational benefits of diversity, engagement, inclusion and community.


Good governance builds trust and ensures that your values are adopted throughout the company.

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You can further optimise your ESG strategy by taking our benchmark assessment which comprises of 133 questions which can be found here.