Sustainability is constantly evolving and rapidly increasing in complexity. The best businesses engage, inform and improve outcomes for themselves, their industry and their customers.

To help you achieve your sustainability goals we have developed the 5 minute Gateway assessment that will tell us a bit about your current ESG awareness and help us inform you better about your next steps. Its quick and its free!

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See how TDH has informed and supported high growth companies on their ESG journey.


Getting ESG right is complicated, and the landscape continuously evolves. Our scorecards, reports and advisory services help you get ESG right in a light touch manner and at a much lower cost than hiring your own Sustainability Officer.


Our online survey only takes 90 minutes to complete; our automated assessment gives you a detailed insight into your ESG capabilities with immediate visibility into the areas you need to prioritise to grow sustainably.


Sustainable businesses are more efficient by reducing operating costs and lowering staff turnover. In addition, they are more attractive to investors and can lower their funding costs. They can even save money on key business services like insurance.

What we offer

Today’s start-up is tomorrow’s titan. Early adoption of sustainable commitments will ensure the right ESG structure is embedded in your business DNA and help to accelerate you into the next generation of corporate leaders.

Make your ESG credentials work for you with the ESG Essentials programme from The Disruption House.

ESG-Essentials educate, remediate and validate your company’s ESG journey from basic awareness through to strategic planning and execution. Efficiently scaled for the size and maturity of your business.

  • ESG-Essentials Automated: Multi-format automated assessment scoring your business against over 25 key sustainability metrics within the E,S & G pillars, enabling efficient strategic planning and stakeholder disclosure.
  • ESG-Essentials Report: Analyst-curated report provides benchmarking, feedback, and remedial advice on realistic and achievable goals to accelerate your ESG strategy.
  • ESG-Essentials Pathway: Membership service to define, monitor and deliver your sustainability strategy as the ESG industry evolves. For resource constrained businesses who want ESG at their core.
  • ESG Performance Validation: Employee survey and text analytics of internal and external channels to validate the results of the ESG survey.

ESG Essentials will set you on the path of sustainable growth at a fraction of the cost of doing it in house or bringing in expensive consultants.

Essential Assessment Metrics

Be authentic. Don’t get accused of purpose washing.

TDH’s unique ESG Assessment enables firms to demonstrate their transparency and commitment to sustainable responsibility by measuring them against a comprehensive list of core metrics


  • Environmental policies
  • Emissions
  • Resource consumption
  • Energy management
  • Renewables and recycling
  • Environmental supply chain management
  • Certification


  • Employee welfare
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Employee engagement
  • Training and career progression
  • Customer engagement
  • Health and safety
  • Community engagement and Charitable policies
  • Product responsibility


  • Business ethics
  • ESG awareness
  • ESG policies
  • ESG stewardship
  • Board independence
  • Board diversity
  • Management remuneration
  • Risk management
  • Data security
  • Supply chain management

The TDH ESG-Essentials Automated Assessment generates a comprehensive and transparent scorecard using questions based on our 25 metrics to disclose your company’s ESG strengths and challenges to easily identify areas of improvement.

The TDH ESG-Essentials Report benchmarks you against your peers in your maturity band and provides detailed analysis and advice on actions you can take to improve your scores.

TDH ESG-Essentials are a low-cost, data driven way to kick start your ESG journey and monitor progress that you can communicate to your clients, staff and investors.

Preparing you for EU and UK Climate Regulation: Triple Whammy for SMEs and private companies

Supply Chain – The impact of climate-related disclosure rules for large companies will ripple through their supply and value chains, putting even the smallest businesses under pressure to provide evidence of their sustainability and climate impact.

Future Rules – The rules will expand to include many of the remaining 21 million EU companies classified as SMEs. They generate 2/3rds of all jobs in the EU.

Asset Managers and Banks – Investment and lending decisions will be simplified with a sustainable strategy, making portfolio inclusion for public and private companies simpler, and lending conditions easier.

Good ESG practices accelerate Business Growth and Resilience

  • ESG practices are linked to an increase in the bottom line: A proper ESG program can lead to cost savings by reducing waste, optimising energy usage and resources in a currently hampered supply chain.
  • Employees are attracted to social responsibility.
  • Customers are paying attention: More than half of customers (66%) say they will spend more on sustainable brands, according to Nielsen’s Global Corporate Sustainability Report.
  • Sustainability is almost the only thing driving purchasing behaviours for Gen Z consumers, making having a social mission key for B2C businesses.
  • Sustainability increases employee and customer engagement for B2B businesses: being able to demonstrate their own sustainability through the tender and contract process, helps them to fulfil the sustainability commitments of their customers.
  • Sustainable businesses have access to dedicated funds.

Sustainability is Key to Fundraising Success

  • 70% of individual investors (up from 64% in 2019) believe organisations have a responsibility to demonstrate ESG performance to investors, with Gen Z and younger Millennial-aged investors (18–34-year-olds) the most demanding around ESG credentials.
  • 44% of individual investors surveyed expressed that they would be more likely to invest in a company that demonstrates its ESG performance.
  • This sentiment increased to 55% for Gen Z and Millennial-aged investors across all regions.


TDH ESG Essentials works at multiple levels, from the first steps to sustainability awareness, right through to deep partnerships with clients to help them structure comprehensive, cross-company solutions for board adoption.

Here’s how we worked with one of our clients, a global provider of data management and investment intelligence solutions to the world’s leading investors and asset managers:

Identify the knowledge gaps:
“We as a company knew that we were investing a lot of time in corporate ESG initiatives however were struggling to define our ESG strategy and prioritize these initiatives to ensure that we were investing in the right areas. Our initial conversations with TDH ESG Research were so appreciated, helping us to cut through the acronyms and talk practically about some of the challenges and opportunities that faced us.

Assess the business and its workforce:
TDH first conducted a materiality assessment of our company along with an employee survey so that we could validate how our employees felt about the work we were doing.

Score and benchmark:
The results of both of these pieces of work were consolidated into reports in plain English, translated into practical, actionable steps which really helped us to understand how we are doing against our peers and what we could do next to move the dial.

Inform and remediate at the board level:
The Head of ESG Research and his team took the time to really understand us as a business and didn’t just send us reports but talked us and our Executive team through them at length.

I would recommend TDH to any Company like us who want to make a difference, thanks TDH!”

Senior Vice President
Head of Talent Management & Business Services