The assessment is a based on a series of questions built on academic research and industry expertise. It is answered by relevant members of the organisation which produces algorithmic data-driven analysis.

Each assessment should take approximately 1- 2 hours to complete.

There is no right or wrong answer. This is an honesty based assessment and represents your business at that moment in time. We consider the maturity of the company and therefore the expectations are different based on whether a company is a start-up or if it is at the scale stage. Based on the maturity, we are able to provide detailed analysis and tailored advice on actions you can take to improve your score.

Our assessments enables you discover your business’s resiliency and sustainability quickly, easily and affordably. The insightful data analytics and bespoke recommendations we provide guide stakeholders to sustainable business growth via achievable and demonstrable milestones.

Feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to answer any additional questions.

Most available ESG assessments and surveys are either excessively simple, or excessively over-engineered, making them at best – irrelevant and at worse – time-wasting for the SME community.

Some vendors provide ‘ratings’ on companies that are based only on publicly available information scraped from the web, with no input from the management teams. These can be subjective and mis-leading. They also fail to include 90% of all businesses that do not post their ESG credentials online and do not need to publish financial statements. The gap here is filled by a variety of quant-based predictive analytics, which in turn can generate wide ranging outputs for the same business, making the scores unreliable

TDH ESG-Essentials are curated by industry experts to meet the very urgent demands of time poor, resource strapped businesses by asking questions specifically designed to educate, inform and support a proper ESG strategy. Producing simple and effective granular scores on 25 ESG topics.

Not caring today will increase business risk tomorrow. Time, expense and opportunity costs are corporate governance and stewardship issues that a sensible board will not tolerate. Effective risk management is improved and enhanced with a structured sustainability strategy.
90 minutes of proper concentration will deliver a comprehensive 360° review of your company’s ESG strengths and weaknesses from which you can build a strong foundation. TDH will support and advise you on next steps and remediation to make sure your business is fit and properly aligned with guidance, rules and regulations as they evolve.
The TDH ESG-Essentials assessments has been live for 1.5 years and are already at stage 3.0, which highlights how the industry is evolving and also how TDH works hard to ensure all questions are meaningful and relevant.

We have used over 500 information sources to develop the assessment ranging from:

  • Academic and market research
  • Global sustainability standards promoted by leading NGOs
  • Approved and pending oversight regulations from EU, USA and UK policymakers.
  • Non-financial (and financial) accounting frameworks
  • Interviews with companies and portfolio managers
  • In-depth beta-testing across sectors.

Our research makes sure we secure the best output for your valuable time.

Your scorecard will mark you by Pillar (E, S & G) and by individual Topic to give you an overall score out of 100%.

The assessment is honesty-based* and relies on your integrity and willingness to improve over time.

The output is a score. We do not rate your results, and there is no pass or fail, nor is there a wrong answer. Your score reflects your level of engagement and attainment in your ESG journey at this point in time providing a benchmark for future assessments.

Taking the ESG-Essentials assessment periodically will help you demonstrate a qualifiable track record of your progress through the stages of maturity for yourself, your partners and your investors.

(*TDH  reserves the right to request certain documents for verification purposes and to help improve our product and overall client service quality.)