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All financial firms are looking to offer the best and most relevant customer-centric solutions to stay ahead of their competition. They also face a growing need to streamline business processes and consistently meet the ever-evolving demands of the regulators. The TDH platform is designed to help the financial services industry overcome the risks and challenges that exist when sourcing, implementing and managing innovative technology solutions.


We track and map technology providers against business functions, making it easy for decision makers and innovation groups to find technologies that match their needs. The TDH Platform provides a comprehensive standardised database which enables users to search via functional taxonomy, sector alignment, semantic tags, company name, and named individuals. We make innovation access self-service for time-poor business leaders.


Statistics indicate that over 90% of ‘fintechs’ will fail before they are five years old. They offer innovation at the price of increased operational risk. We translate the uncertainty around start-up survivability into risk metrics that can be managed and monitored. As technology providers evolve they can be re-assessed, objectively demonstrating progress in maturity and product coverage. This reduces both the risk of engaging with them and enables you to track and re-engage when the potential supplier is ready.


The TDH Scorecard is designed and conducted by experienced business leaders. We take a model and data-driven approach supported by senior analysts with market experience. This enables the TDH Platform to offer fast-tracked market research and at the same time reduce the cost of due diligence. We proactively match your needs to solution providers with the right risk profile enabling you to offer better services and solutions to your clients.


The TDH Platform enables you to benchmark the performance of your own technology provider portfolio. It enables you to identify viability risks early on and proactively look for alternatives before failure creates significant operational risks. Our systematic approach means that financial firms can manage, track and develop successful relationships with future innovative partners.

The TDH Scorecard

The Disruption House is the one-stop-shop to source innovation, mitigate start up risk and reduce the time to engage with the smartest technologies. The TDH Scorecard assess technology vendors key capability indicators in the following areas;

  • Business Model – Assessment of market, strategy, innovation and product or service offering.
  • Customers – Review of reputation and relationship with customers and how well the company is able to adapt to customer needs.
  • The Team – Measure of experience, effectiveness and leadership.
  • Financials – Evaluation of revenue model, funding capabilities and resource management.
  • Technology – Assessing and scoring of technology to help potential users anticipate the experience they can expect upon implementation of the technology solution.

Our analysis is based on extensive research into the performance of smaller, technology focused, high growth companies, and is performed by a team of industry experts. It has been designed to enable all financial institutions to make confident, accurate decisions, enabling them to procure technology more effectively than before.

The TDH Database

Identifying solutions and services is just the first step to engagement. We disrupt the traditional model of ‘requiring additional consultancy’ by offering a scalable and systematic approach to selecting the right partners to work with.

  • Standardised understanding – Over 1,600 financial technology providers, presented consistently, enabling financial institutions to easily scan the ever growing innovation landscape.
  • Taxonomy led approach – Search via; functional taxonomy, sector alignment, semantic tags, company name or by named individuals.
  • Sophisticated tracking toolkit – Keep up to date with emerging technology firms and assess progress of other potential suppliers where there is interest.
  • A repository of accurate and validated credentials – Access to innovation through our self-service platform.

Our wide range of institutional clients include investment banks, corporate banks, asset managers, wealth managers, and regulatory bodies.

“The Disruption House has enabled my firm to source a range of technology providers much more quickly and cost-effectively than we could in-house”

Head of ProcurementTier 1 Bank

“The TDH Scorecard and database are incredibly useful in enabling us to source new and innovative technologies. Their objective reviews are highly insightful.”

Head of ITTier 1 Financial Institution
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