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The successful ESG journey of Rimes and the commitment to sustainability, supported by data analysis and reporting from The Disruption House

Companies following the TDH ESG Pathway can leverage our material to create an organised narrative that is based on solid evidence. TDH has done extensive analysis and reporting on Rimes’ ESG journey.

This report serves as a model for SMEs wanting to develop their own sustainability reports and illustrates how invaluable our collected data truly is.

Rimes provides transformative data management and investment intelligence solutions to the global investment community.

Rimes’ 2022 ESG Performance Report showcases their commitment to sustainability, reflected in performance that is already above the industry standard for similar businesses. In particular, their social responsibility scores stand out as a source of pride. Looking ahead, they are setting ambitious goals for reducing environmental impact through cutting-edge initiatives involving supply chain practices and decreased travel – targets which will be unveiled by year end!

Rimes ESG efforts are helping to create positive change

Their ESG efforts are helping to create positive change – for their employees, society and the planet. For example aligning with the carbon measuring and reduction strategy of its parent company EQT  which uses Science Based Targets (SBTi).

“Rimes is demonstrating ongoing improvements and solid momentum across the three [ESG] Pillars, and is making strong inroads into the most challenging Environmental pillar using third-party resources and consistently reviewing its carbon strategy as the industry evolves. This is commendable and unusual for a firm of this maturity.”

ESG Report for Rimes Technologies

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