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Partner Program for Accountants

Why is ESG important
for your clients?

  • Win more customers
  • Attract and retain staff
  • Improved business resiliency
  • Comply with regulations

TDH has identified three distinct ESG buyer profiles in the market today:

  • Firms looking to be ESG supply chain ready*
  • Firms seeking to use ESG as a marketing and
    business development tool
  • Firms wanting to build credibility and trust with
    all stakeholders

Why is “ESG as a Service”
an opportunity?

ESG is both a board level concern and a framework to
increase clients’ business resilience and make them more
credit worthy.

ESG as a Service offers accountants new ways to engage
with clients and generate new revenue streams.

  • Once started on their ESG journey there is an ongoing
    annual requirement for progress tracking and reporting
  • Enables immediate start overcoming shortage of
    in-house expertise 
  • Aligns with existing accountancy validation and audit processes

Why is ESG important
for your clients?

As experts in sustainability and business resiliency in private companies, we understand the requirements of SMEs. Our services and prices are partner friendly.

TDH is a platform-first business:

  • We productise the diagnostic and planning
    stages of ESG Advisory services
  • We offer a full range of integration options
    including white label with TDH inside
  • We provide you and your clients with out of the
    box credentials

We provide a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will help you to leverage your company’s purpose to both existing and new clients and increase conversion of interest into leads.

Getting started

Establish ESG authenticity and credibility

Begin by becoming a member of the
TDH Sustainability Community.
You will demonstrate to your customers that your values are aligned with the service you will be offering:


  • TDH Benchmark, Report, Badge and Certificate
  • Website statement
  • ESG Policies pack
  • ESG Playbook
    – A digital customer acquisition programme for both existing and new clients.
  • 12-month customer ESG Awareness Program
    – ESG Starter Quiz managed service with partner aligned service offering

The Disruption House offers 4 partnership options, designed to align with each partner's business objectives:

The Disruption House Accountancy Partnership Program

Why partner with TDH for ESG?

Partner with TDH for ESG to unlock sustainable growth, ensure client trust, and tap into a revenue-sharing model that benefits both parties.

Benefits of Partnering with TDH for ESG:

Get started

Establish your ESG authenticity and credibility through our partner programme. We provide full partnership models to help excellerate your clients ESG journey. 

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