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Engaging with financial firms and selling technology has never been more difficult; competition is rife and financial institutions are under increasing pressure to demonstrate compliance, innovate and cut operational expenditure. The TDH Platform has been designed to support the needs of the technology providers and the financial firms alike. The TDH Scorecard gives the technology and service provider community validated, objective credentials which are proven to facilitate successful business relationships with leading financial institutions.


Reaching influencers and key business decision makers is time consuming and often very expensive. We map technology firms to business critical requirements in our TDH Platform. This makes it easier for financial institutions to identify and engage with innovative new solution providers that match their business transformation needs.


Regulated financial institutions are legally obliged to reduce operational risk. Technology providers are inherently risky. The TDH Scorecard is the industry standard for assessing startup counterparty risk. We help clients to demonstrate survivability potential, enabling you to stand out from the competition and speed up engagements with target firms.


We deliver TDH Scorecards directly to relevant and interested business leaders. This reduces due diligence activities and accelerates time to money from buyers or investors. Shortening the buying cycle is key to long term survival, the TDH Scorecard is a cost-effective marketing tool which is proven to help reduce the cost of sale and accelerate business engagements.


Constantly assess your capabilities as your business evolves. This will demonstrate progress and enable potential buyers to keep pace with your development. We help you to understand your momentum versus your peers and competitors. Our recommendations enable you to improve your score and performance where it matters – in the market, with your clients.

The TDH Scorecard

The TDH Scorecard, developed in consultation with a number of financial institutions, assesses the following;

  • Business Model – Assessment of market, strategy, innovation and product or service offering.
  • Customers – Review of reputation and relationship with customers and how well the company is able to adapt to their customer’s needs.
  • The Team – Measure of experience, effectiveness and leadership.
  • Financials – Evaluation of revenue model, funding capabilities and resource management.
  • Technology – Assessing and scoring of technology to help potential users anticipate the experience they can expect upon implementation of your technology solution.

Our analysis is based on extensive research into the performance of smaller, technology focused, high growth companies, and is performed by a team of industry experts. Once a TDH Scorecard is completed it is shared with over 30 of the world’s top financial institutions creating new connections and accelerated engagements.

The TDH Database

The TDH Database is used by a network of leading financial institutions for strategic technology selection decision making purposes.

  • Standardised understanding – Present your attributes in a consistent and accessible manner to quickly reach financial firms with genuine business needs.
  • Taxonomy led approach – We map all of the technology firms on the database against a functional taxonomy reflecting the financial industry business model, benchmark against your competitors.
  • Part of your go to market strategy – The TDH Database brings together a community of innovative technology providers and financial institutions who are actively looking for solutions.
  • Consistently updated – Work with TDH to periodically re-assess your firm to demonstrate your progress in maturity and product coverage.

Our wide range of institutional clients include investment banks, corporate banks, asset managers, wealth managers, and regulatory bodies.

“The Fintech Scorecard provides a highly professional and well-structured roadmap for engaging with potential partners.”

Matthew HodgsonFounder of Mosaic Smart Data,

“TDH helps to set the standard for both the financial firms and the Fintech providers alike. It’s a win, win situation all round. Highly recommended.”

John DaviesChairman, Kompli-Global

“The Disruption House has enabled my firm to source a range of technology providers much more quickly and cost-effectively than we could in-house”

Head of ProcurementTier 1 Bank
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