BUSINESS resilience

Regulated financial institutions need to measure and report on the counter-party risk for the vendors in their supply chain to comply with regulatory demands.

60% of businesses fail in their first five years. This creates specific challenges for both buyers and sellers of innovative, high growth solutions.

  • Buyers need to measure and manage counterparty risk.
  • Sellers need to demonstrate their business resilience to pass procurement.

Our assessments support both buyers and suppliers by:

  • Demonstrating that suppliers are assessing and tracking key operational and regulatory obligations
  • Providing standardised key indicators to be easily matched with buyers’ needs
  • Offering remediation support and advice to help suppliers improve their business resilience

Understand and demonstrate enterprise readiness

TDH Business resilience assessments help large organisations to understand partner collaboration readiness.

Mapped to BSI Standards, TDH assessments support FinTechs by providing them with a consistent understanding of how ready they are to engage with the procurement processes of large financial institutions.

Our assessments map to PAS 201:2018, the guide used by financial institutions for collaboration and commercialisation of new FinTech propositions.

We assess two key areas:

  • Company resilience – our scorecards help buyers understand a FinTech’s ability to survive, partner with them, and grow, by analysing their business model, customer engagement, team management and financial management.
  • Technology scalability – we help buyers understand the overall product quality and user experience they are likely to have with the fintech’s solution by analysing its design, build, deployment and support.

Key Features

  • Compliant

    Helps Financial Institutions to comply with the European Banking Association’s (EBA) regulatory Outsourcing Guidelines and the FCA’s Rules on Operational Resilience
  • Transparent

    48 comparable metrics enable Financial Institutions to make confident and accurate decisions more effectively and quicker than before and FinTechs to benchmark their performance.
  • Data-driven

    Available as both quantitative and qualitative analyses. All assessments based on algorithmic data-driven analysis.
  • Rigorous

    Built from academic research and industry expertise for rigorous performance benchmarking