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The Disruption House is a data and assessment research platform specialising in ESG and Business Resiliency for private and high growth companies.

What we do

We help businesses improve and monitor their resilience and sustainability using our proprietary model based on recognised international frameworks built by our team of entrepreneurs, financiers and technologists.

We provide remediation, advisory and communication services through our ESG 360 platform to help businesses struggling to build, brand and communicate their ESG activity to maximise the commercial potential of having a strong sustainability platform.

We provide business solutions to Resilience and Sustainability

Discover your score

Our interactive platform enables you to discover your business resilience and sustainability quickly, easily and affordably. Our insightful data analytics and bespoke recommendations guide stakeholders towards sustainable business growth via achievable and demonstrable milestones.


Easily understand your performance and how you compare to peers at the same stage of maturity

Set Goals

Leverage your bespoke report to set achievable goals for the next 12 months that you can report on to all stakeholders


Easily visualise your progress against goals and demonstrate progress to staff, clients and investors


Join our community to engage with people and businesses that can help you to improve your performance and keep up to date on the latest news

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InitiateTech puts the spotlight on CITYDATA.ai Accelerating the uptake of new technologies Scoring and measuring environmental social governance (ESG) abilities of technical attributes of startups and scale-ups to help match them to the right business partners faster Powered by the Disruption House Clarion Energy.

Apurva Kumar

“Being sustainable is a key part of the culture at Turkish Bank and an important driver of our employee and customer engagement. The Disruption House helped us to rapidly and cost-effectively identify where we are already sustainability leaders and areas where we can quickly make improvements to improve our performance. We are delighted with the results and are rolling the TDH ESG Essentials programme out to other divisions in the bank and our FinTechs in our digital accelerator T-Gate.”

Erhan Raif
Group Executive Director

“We are a regulatory technology (RegTech) and we assessed ourselves against your ESG score card, it has really helped us position our platform with larger firms in particular, because they value ESG friendly technology, so from their research and due diligence perspective, it’s been really helpful for them to understand how we can help them in their ESG requirements going forward.”

Chris Davies
Founder of Model Office

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