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Are you facing multiple business challenges such as attracting top talent, retaining employees, and increasing profits, along with improving your credit score, drawing in new customers and investors, mitigating risks, and enhancing efficiency?

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Our expertise lies in data-driven analysis and consultancy for ESG and business resilience. We leverage innovative technology to produce fast, automated reports, industry-specific benchmarking, and valuable insights and intelligence. Let us help you navigate the ever-changing business landscape.


Financial institution

Strengthen your SME customer base by responsibly providing the resources they need to become more resilient and thrive in their industries

Private Business

For companies looking to reach the next level of industry success, sustainable growth is key. Whether you’re a Fund Manager, large private company, or SME – our independent team can help you maximise your potential.

Consultancy or Accounting firm

Elevate your client base with sustainability services tailored to their specific needs. With our scalable solutions, you can provide the right amount of support at any time, ensuring positive impact and growth.

Listed Entity

Uncover your company’s most significant elements across divisions and regions to maximise corporate success.

What is your primary business requirement for embedding sustainability?


By integrating ESG principles into your business strategy, you’ll not only drive sustainable growth but also create long-lasting value for your stakeholders and the planet.

Business Resilience

Enhance adaptability to tackle challenges and capitalise on opportunities, fostering sustainable growth and success.

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We have built an ESG starter quiz that assesses where you currently are on ESG, in a light touch manner.
THD The Distruption House Environmental Question
THD-The-Distruption-House-Social-Question 2
THD The Distruption House Environmental Question

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Are you ready to embark on your ESG journey and unlock the full potential of your business? Let us help you transform your company's resilience and sustainability with our comprehensive ESG solutions.

Collaborating for a Sustainable Future

We take pride in our strong network of partners who share our vision for a sustainable and resilient future. Together, we work collaboratively to drive ESG innovation and support businesses on their journey towards sustainability
We are proud to have helped numerous businesses on their journey towards ESG excellence. Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say about working with us:

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