London 21st March 2018

Solidatus commissions TDH Fintech Scorecard

  • Accelerating time to innovation 
  • Helping to reduce cost of sale and cost of adoption 
  • Rapidly expanding Fintech intelligence repository 

The Disruption House (TDH) is pleased to announce Solidatus has completed the TDH Fintech Scorecard process. Solidatus joins a fast growing community of fintech firms who have commissioned a TDH Scorecard, specifically designed to promote fintech innovation and accelerate user adoption within the global financial services community. Solidatus provides an intuitive and simple to use, web based application that empowers users to map and visualise their entire data landscape faster than ever before.

Solidatus’ unique model of crowdsourcing, automated importing and tiered authorisation enables organisations to quickly gather and validate an enterprise-wide data model and to visualise an entire data landscape within one model or drill down to a data flow. The system can be tailored to meet precise business needs and provides the ability to select the preferred analysis and modelling method, either top down, bottom up, or a combination of both. Whether it is being used to support regulatory lineage, GDPR, privacy in general or the simplification of system landscapes, Solidatus is a highly collaborative solution, proven to build end-to-end data maps faster than anything else currently available on the market.

The TDH Scorecard assessment covers a firm’s scalability, professional leadership capabilities and partnership qualities. The technology assessment component evaluates and scores the software to help potential users anticipate the experience they can expect from the implementation process and use of the proposed solutions. The analysis is based on research into the performance of smaller, technology focused, growth companies and is performed by a team of industry experts from The Disruption House, and their strategic partners, eCo Financial Technology.

Philip Miller, Co-Founder at Solidatus said. “The need to overhaul long established working practices and legacy environments is providing exciting opportunities for the emerging, best of breed technology providers. However, two of the biggest challenges all fintech’s face is finding ways to reduce the long sales cycles associated with selling into financial firms and at the same time maximising the impact of limited marketing budgets and resources. We believe the TDH Scorecard can help Solidatus to achieve both these key objectives. We have 100% faith in our product and the services we provide, evidenced by our growing blue-chip client base and industry recongnised awards. However, as a small business we are acutely aware there is always room for improvement and we have learnt a great deal from the Scorecard process, both in terms of validating our overall approach, as well as highlighting key areas that need further attention. The objective and constructive feedback we have received from the TDH team has been very well received and we are very excited about the potential business development opportunities this relationship represents.”

Rupert Bull, TDH CEO and co-founder commented. “We are delighted to welcome Solidatus into the TDH Fintech Scorecard community. Improved data management and regulatory compliance remain high on the agenda and throughout our wide ranging discussions with our panel of  financial institutions, it is apparent there is an urgent requirement for Solidatus’ unique data mapping and visualisation capabilities which is ideally suited to support both these business-critical requirements. We are confident that the TDH Fintech Scorecard will help Solidatus to significantly raise brand awareness and accelerate positive engagements with key prospects and partner firms.”

As adoption of the Fintech Scorecard grows, TDH is continually populating a rapidly expanding fintech firm intelligence data repository. The repository is segmented by specific business areas, such as Client Servicing, Data Management and Financial Controls, based on validated taxonomies created in conjunction with the financial firms themselves. Access to this intelligence enables users to quickly pinpoint the fintechs who fit the required profiles, eliminating the need to constantly scour the market for potential providers and having to go through lengthy and time consuming evaluation processes.

Rupert concluded. “Our objective is to not only help fast-track fintech adoption by the user firms but also to provide financial institutions with objective insights into the depth and breadth of the capabilities, both from a company and technology perspective. By virtually eliminating the need for financial institutions to continually (sometimes repeatedly) conduct extensive evaluation activities, the cost of sale, and speed to market, for the fintechs, together with the cost of adoption, and time to innovation, for the potential purchasers is being dramatically improved. The last few months have been very encouraging, with more fintechs commissioning Scorecards and a growing number of financial firms signing up to gain access to the unique insights and intelligence our database provides. It is a win, win situation for all parties involved.”


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About Solidatus

Solidatus was developed to help organisations understand how data flows through their systems by providing the most intuitive, flexible, data lineage discovery and visualisation solution. Whether used to demonstrate regulatory lineage, improve governance, assist with transformational change or reduce inefficiencies in your data handling, Solidatus is uniquely engineered to build end-to-end data models more efficiently and effectively.

The data economy of organisations is growing year on year, increasing the demand on businesses to understand and control change in order to minimise risk and manage costs. The unique collaborative mechanism built into the core of Solidatus helps organisations improve their data economy. Easily accessible, highly scalable and secure, it allows them to quickly develop a data landscape, crowdsource metadata and analyse how data is it used throughout their organisation. Solidatus is being utilised in some of the most data-rich industries across the globe, including top-tier global financial, pharmaceutical, utility and infrastructure organisations. It has been adopted by leading consulting and technology firms, and is actively being used to support and enhance the delivery of their services.

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About The Disruption House

The Disruption House is the first specialist ratings agency for early stage FinTechs. It was founded by Rupert Bull and Chris Corson based on their experiences and insights, as entrepreneurs and bankers, into the challenges that both new ventures and established organisations have around identifying and engaging with each other. Rupert has over 25 years’ experience in the international FinTech world and was a founding member of the highly successful Expand Research company which was acquired by the Boston Consulting Group in 2011. Chris has 23 years banking experience, finishing as a Senior Managing Director at Credit Suisse (CS), in Global Fixed Income. Latterly, he worked on developing the innovation agenda for CS and ways that Global Markets could work better with emerging technology firms.

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