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Be Supply Chain Ready

Incorporating ESG practices is about ensuring the long-term sustainability of the business as well as maintaining and winning market access. Companies that focus on environmental conservation, social responsibility, and sound governance are more likely to navigate buyers requirements rapidly and successfully.

The demands from your customers for you to demonstrate your ESG readiness for their supply chains is rapidly increasing.

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Our inexpensive solution levels the playing field.

TDH will provide your 360º ESG baseline, showing your current status and aligning your capabilities to meet global regulatory supply chain requirements.

Win More Clients

Demonstrating a strong ESG agenda allows companies to engage with customers on a deeper level.

“Socially conscious customers are more inclined to vote with their wallets… Top-line growth and cost reductions are also by-products of legitimate ESG commitments.”

Retail Banker International*  July 2023

Authenticity wins new clients

Customers may believe how you treat your employees, community and the wider environment is indicative of how you will treat them. The question is how do you utilise and communicate your ESG initiatives to drive success?” – Henry McIntosh, Twenty One Twelve Founder

Stand out in a sea of sameness

Storytelling content and value led communications

Access top partners
Align messaging to more specific customer segments

Compete with Sustainability Leaders

Sustainability Leaders differentiate themselves in a crowded market and attract customers who prioritize ESG considerations in their decision-making.

Your current understanding of ESG is fragmented

TDH will work with you to produce a comprehensive and proportionate Sustainability Report and Communication strategy.

How do our products align to your goals?

What do you want to achieve?

Every journey starts with self-awareness

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“The TDH assessment questionnaire is very well constructed. It manages to be both educational and at the same time a guide for driving change in the organisation.”

Elif Isgor, COO Sistem Global Danışmanlık A.Ş. Istanbul, Turkey

“Recognise Bank are very happy with our engagement with Disruption House. After undertaking the benchmarking survey, we now feel that we are in a much better position in terms of formulating our overall strategy and have a far more focused and creditable action plan in place – which we believe will make a real difference.

As well as receiving expert advice and guidance around all elements of ESG we were also pleased with external benchmarking data that we received which clearly indicates that we are making tangible progress.”

Elif Isgor, COO Sistem Global Danışmanlık A.Ş. Istanbul, Turkey

Discover your current capabilities with us

Build on your self-awareness

Establish Authenticity to win and retain clients

What does this mean? 16% of UK SMES will be..this means an average of 20 hours per client request to meet demands – do it once with TDH to meet highest regulatory standards and save time and money year in year out

TDH Deliverables

The TDH Marketing playbook developed in partnership with a leading digital marketing agency helps you leverage your Sustainability Authenticity.

In-house teams can leverage the playbook or we can provide a managed client acquisition service.

Establish Authenticity to win and retain clients
What does this mean? Clients want trust based relationships not marketing spun gizmos…

Deliverable examples

From Capability building to transformation to Sustainability Leader

How do our plans support your Business Goals?

Our Scorecard – generated from detailed analysis of key metrics and models tailored to help businesses like yours – helps you to Discover, Plan and Transform your sustainability strategy. Whether you’re just starting out on the journey, curious to know how you can make a difference, or seeking to advance your sustainability agenda to the next level, TDH can support you. Our services range from speedy, entry-level ESG awareness surveys for your supply chain to full strategic reports and advice on building your ESG profile, including employee engagement and feedback.

TDH ESG plans:

Run an ESG Health Check on my Business


Build ESG Capability/Be Supply Chain Ready​


Establish your ESG Authenticity and Win Clients


Compete with Sustainability Leaders



The complete diagnostic solution to help you discover your current levels of ESG awareness and capabilities, with a self-service guide to help you identify quick wins to begin or develop your ESG journey.


The essential solution to build your ESG capabilities, become supply chain ready and start to attract staff and customers impressed by your early commitment to sustainable business practices.


Achieve stronger impact from your ESG foundations. Engage and inspire your workforce. Enhance and protect your reputation and avoid greenwashing risks by benchmarking your organisation to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Create an ESG strategy that is easy to implement and communicate to all stakeholders. Leverage your authenticity to win new clients.


Attract impact focused clients and investors in a time and cost-effective way. Build upon your TDH Transform-powered strategy to create and publish your Sustainability report. Leverage our Sustainability Report templates to rapidly build a world-class and proportionate report that puts you ahead of your competitors