Accelerating Fintech


Accelerating Fintech

In financial services, trust is absolutely essential. Clients and investors alike need to know that your company and your technology can deliver on its promises.

This makes the independent Fintech Scorecard an invaluable resource for us to demonstrate the quality and credibility of our services, and our company’s

ability to deliver. The Fintech Scorecard provides a highly professional and well-structured roadmap for engaging with potential partners.



Accelerating Fintech

I know from my eBay days that Reputation and Trust and Safety are central issues in building any healthy community. As we thought about the

opportunity to create a Digital Ecosystem, where a company from Detroit or Sao Paolo can be scored and ranked alongside ones from Manhattan 

or Shoreditch and introduced to one in Paris or Stockholm, there is a need for the services that the Disruption House offers to FinTechs.



The Disruption House is a specialist benchmarking and data analytics business for early stage companies

In conjunction with our banking partners, we have developed a new and unique way to measure the experience that large organisations can expect in their engagement with a new company whilst using its software.

Our independent validation and analysis builds trust between financial institutions and financial technology companies and is delivered in the form of a scorecard report.

It is the new standard for assessing early stage FinTech companies.

The Disruption House’s vision is to:

  1. Enable financial institutions to get a much quicker, independent overview of a FinTech using common standards of evaluation that can be easily understood and circulated internally.
  2. Highlight ways in which FinTechs can better professionalise their approach, technology and management functions to make them enterprise ready and prepared to scale within large organisations.
  3. Democratise the evaluation and selection process and broaden industry access to new companies. A company from Edinburgh or Lagos can be scored and ranked alongside ones from Shoreditch. Geographical proximity should not be the only determinant of access to financial institutions.


We deliver a solution to the challenges faced by both financial institutions and early stage companies

Early stage companies
Getting known and identifying the right people within a target organization:

  1. We provide a marketing platform for our assessed vendors.
  2. We increase the chances of discovery by self-qualified interested prospects.
  3. We currently deliver scorecards to heads of business, IT and Innovation in 16 global and regional banks. Our panel of banking partners is growing monthly.

Large organisations
Engaging with early stage FinTechs:

  1. We offer independent, detailed analysis on the technology or services being offered, and on the longer-term potential and viability of the partners or suppliers being evaluated.
  2. Our analysis helps to mitigate against the many risks normally associated with selecting the smaller, less established technology providers, accelerating decision making and reducing the length of the sales cycle.
  3. Our report provides an independent and credible assessment of the overall capabilities of the vendor firms, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes target clients to get to know them.


Who do we work with and what are the benefits?

Our clients are both major financial institutions and early stage FinTechs.

The benefits we offer financial institutions are improved scouting capabilities and enhanced decision making via our standardised reporting and analysis sharing tool. We are currently working with over 20 of the world’s largest global and regional banks.

We add value to our vendor clients by aligning the business, tech and innovation stakeholders within a bank and distributing your scorecards to them, shortening the time it takes to reach your key target customers. Our data capture and reporting process helps ensure that you are prepared for the procurement and on-boarding processes, reducing the time to revenue significantly.

Why should vendors take part?

  1. Our independent assessment demonstrates the maturity of your company’s competencies and provides your prospects with accelerated insight into your capabilities shortening the time it takes to learn about you and your services
  2. We have mapped the key stakeholders you need to connect with inside our panel of banks and deliver them your scorecard. This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to navigate each organisation, shortening your sales cycle by up to 50%
  3. Our panel of sponsoring organisations is international. You get access to a global client base. Geography is no longer a constraint to business development and our analysis means you are more likely to be included in any assessment, where before the opportunity may have only gone to a local better-known provider.
  4. Our data capture processes are being aligned with the firms’ procurement processes, reducing friction at the end of sales process, helping you get to revenue faster.
  5. We offer the chance to list marketing material and direct contact details making it much easier for potential buyers to reach you.
  6. We are adding new panel institutions every month, dynamically increasing the number of firms you are profiled to, making your investment even better value.


The scorecard consists of two key assessments of both the company and its technology

Our scorecards contain key non-public information on each company. These metrics cover much of the information that both a FinTech’s consumers and investors require. Vendors going through the scorecard process are much better prepared for engaging with the market. Our process helps firms to become “enterprise ready” for your large target customers.

Company assessment covers:

  • Adaptability: Companies falter when they grow. We assess adaptability during growth.
  • Scalability: FInTechs need to scale a solution inside large institutions. We test for this capability, capacity and organisational talent.
  • Strategic Resource Management: Successful companies demonstrate strong resource allocation mechanisms, foresight and transparency in decision making processes.
  • Consistency: We investigate how well the company is balancing resources, strategy and talent.

Technical assessment explores:

  • Product design: how well the software has been designed in order to meet stated system goals
  • Development: the extent to which the development processes are suited to the production of high quality, reliable software
  • Integration: the ease or difficulty the buyer can expect to experience when deploying or integrating the software
  • Support & Maintenance: the organisational and software process factors for the likelihood of a good client support experience


We specialise in studying innovation, disruption and changes in how companies operate, particularly in the financial services sector


Rupert Bull
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

He has over 25 years of FinTech experience within both large organisations (Reuters and Instinet) and start-ups. He co-founded, built, and sold Expand Research, the leading Capital Markets benchmarking and research business to The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 2011, before leaving to found The Disruption House in early 2015.


Chris Corson
Co-founder & Executive Chairman

Chris has over 23 years banking experience at Credit Suisse and as a senior Managing Director and head of the Emerging Markets business globally. He was also a member of the management team for the Global Fixed Income business.


The technical assessment is performed by our strategic partner eCo Financial Technology

Ian Green
Principal Consultant – Data Science and Technology

For the past four years Ian has been CEO of eCo Financial Technology, which he co-founded with support from Credit Suisse. eCo specialises in helping organisations optimise complex software and data estates through a mix of collaboration and commercial initiatives.

Ian was at Credit Suisse for 13 years, uniquely holding senior MD roles in both Front Office and Technology including Global Head of FICC eCommerce, Global Head of eFX, Global Head of Derivatives IT and Head of IT for European Equities Trading.

Prior to Credit Suisse, Ian worked at small and large software companies, including ten years as an SVP at SunGard. He has extensive experience in all aspects of software management and development, and deep domain expertise in enterprise risk management and electronic trading.

Tosha Ellison
Chief Operating Officer – eCo Financial Technology

Tosha was at Credit Suisse for 15 years. She began her career at a Silicon Valley financial tech start-up. At CS she worked in both Equities and FICC IT. From 2006, she was COO for eFX and then FID eCommerce. Tosha received BAs in Psychology and Mass Communications from the University of California, Berkeley.


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