31st January 2023

Centigo provides advice and resources to help small businesses grow

Centigo strives to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) worldwide by inspiring business leaders, offering expert advice from professional consultants, as well as forging alliances with state agencies and financial services firms. We understand the vital role SMEs play in global supply chains—as customers for larger organizations but also suppliers themselves—and believe that their recognition, development protection and incentivisation are essential elements of sustainable growth across international economies.

Centigo has partnered with The Disruption House to offer ESG solutions to SME’s

To protect against the ever-changing expectations of stakeholders, The Disruption House is here to help! With unpredictable market conditions and a lack of resources for ESG and reputation management, organisations could be facing potential crises without any forewarning. That’s why it’s essential that businesses stay ahead by having comprehensive access to expertise and data monitoring—the kind only attainable with TDH at your side!

As companies expand, their environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities grow as well. Yet many do not have the resources to assess where they stand in terms of ESG or develop effective strategies for managing risks & improving performance. To address this gap TDH has created ESG Essentials; a comprehensive platform that enables businesses to monitor progress, understand stakeholder concerns and be alerted of issues before they ariseultimately allowing them to stay ahead of an ever changing marketplace with confidence.

TDH offers businesses the opportunity to evaluate their ESG performance for free

TDH is offering small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to easily evaluate their ESG performance for free. You can benchmark your capability with a 5 minute online quiz, featuring questions about an array of Environmental, Social and Governance topics that are critical in today’s sustainability frameworks. Make sure you exploit this valuable resource – give it a go now!

Should you wish to find out more post the quick online survey, you can discover how resilient and sustainable your business is with our comprehensive survey of 133 questions. Gain a tailored, in-depth breakdown of the insights found within your answers to make sure progress towards growth goals can be achieved efficiently and cost-effectively. With our exclusive assessment, you’ll have all the data necessary for confident decision making that drives successful results!

Reach out and our team will be happy to provide guidance in uncovering a solution that meets all of your needs!