Podcast: Rupert Bull Co-Founder and CEO of The Disruption House


30th September 2021

Rupert Bull Co-Founder and CEO of The Disruption House

Fintech! If you are an investor, Fintech is definitely an asset class to take notice of and Rupert Bull is a man to take notice of! Rupert is Co-Founder and CEO of The Disruption House, a company whose mission is to assist financial technology services and financial institutions to accelerate their discovery of and engagement with each other on a global basis. The Disruption House partners with over 50 global and regional banks and asset managers on their mission to do risk and fast track new technology adoption across the global financial service industry and beyond. Rupert aims to increase the speed and efficiency among fintech, clients, and investors to engage successfully with each other by utilizing artificial intelligence, automation, and process improvements.

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