Rupert Bull joins TISAtech Advisory Board

The Disruption House is delighted to announce Rupert Bull has joined the TISAtech Advisory Board.

Rupert Bull, CEO & Co-Founder said: “I am very excited to be part of the TISAtech Advisory Board and support TISAtech in defining the international industry standard for measuring capability, maturity and the ESG readiness of FinTechs to accelerate FinTech onboarding by regulated financial institutions”.

TISAtech, a global digital market network connecting established financial services firms with FinTechs, announced the formation of the TISAtech Advisory Board, a collegiate body whose joint vision is to facilitate the accelerated partnering and adoption of transformational digital solutions across the financial services industry.

On July 23rd, the TISAtech Advisory Board agreed seven critical FinTech priorities for the coming year.

Read the full press release here.

About TISAtech 

TISAtech is a new generation ’open finance’ Global FinTech Market Network that connects FinTechs and Financial Institutions for greater tech adoption and innovation. 

TISAtech provides an essential platform for FinTechs seeking to build profile and increase market engagement, offering financial institutions the opportunity to create powerful new partnerships and business models for enhanced performance.   

With an increasing need to streamline business processes, generate new revenue opportunities and consistently meet the ever-evolving demands of the regulators, TISAtech enables the financial services industry to discover, assess, track and adopt innovative technology solutions. The service utilises the database, taxonomic classification and FinTech assessment processes of The Disruption House (TDH). 

Our vision is to facilitate the accelerated partnering and adoption of transformational digital solutions across the UK and Europe, for the benefit of consumers and the betterment of the financial services industry as a whole. 

For more information on TISAtech, please visit 

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