10th November 2022

Calculating your home or office footprint

Calculating your household or office foot print.

There are two useful links to help with how to calculate your household or office footprint?

The UK Office for National Statistics: Household Emissions Survey provides information on a person’s overall household footprint with additional WFH GHG impact.

The WWF UK Footprint Calculator also produces a total CO2e footprint estimate per person alongside equivalent volume measures to help conceptualise how much we produce.

So what else do it need to calculate and help reduce my household or office footprint?

  1. In spite of the fact that these calculations are estimates, they are useful for setting targets.
  2. An organization can measure reduction progress in the office, at home, and as a benchmark of WFH by adding up total employee emissions.
  3. Start a forum for employees to share their best tips for reducing emissions into the winter months, which will also help employees concerned about looming energy bills at home.
  4. Businesses are subsidizing rising costs of living through additional salary contributions, but all businesses can provide free advice.

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