Employee engagement is the key to becoming ESG compliant.


10th November 2022

Employee engagement is the key to becoming ESG compliant. 

Your ESG success will struggle unless you bring your workforce with you.

Employee engagement is the key to becoming ESG compliant. 

We at TDH frequently hear about the great ESG plans and projects being rolled out by company management, and we listen out for two important words before we rate the chances of success: Employee Engagement. It is key to becoming ESG compliant. 

An ESG strategy that directly leverages its workforce for advice, ideas, endorsement and collaboration is a highly cost efficient and impactful way to ensure successful outcomes.

Working collaboratively using a dedicated survey, followed by good communication around decisions taken and targets identified, will ferment goodwill, reduce grumbles about management, reduce costs, avoid ESG risks, and massively increase chances of achieving the desired outcomes.

The TDH ESG Employee Survey will set you on the right track to achieve your ESG goals…

So what should I do to engage my employees better?

We have 6 tips to help improve your ESG rating under the social umbrella:

  1. Find the ambassadors ready to canvas ideas and feedback positive/negative reactions. This alone could reduce your dependence on expensive external resources.
  2. Offer education in the ESG sector through courses and qualifications often CPD aligned.
  3. Increase your chances of a win by floating your ideas across the firm first, better still – gather the ideas and poll them for support!
  4. Monitor progress, see when goals are reached, communicate broadly, frequently, internally and share it!
  5. Turn the tasks into teams and give the teams challenges. Then make rewards fun and sustainability-linked.
  6. Help staff to take ESG home with them: provide advice and tips on saving the environment and costs at home – such as calculating their own carbon footprint using easy and freely available tools.

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