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Discover how Trading Hub integrated ESG practices into their business operations with Elaine Thomas in this exclusive Q&A. Learn about the challenges they faced and overcame, and gain valuable insights for your own company’s sustainable practices.


  1. What motivated your organisation to incorporate ESG criteria into its operations?

We had already started our journey in many ways, but we had never thought about the concept of ESG holistically or consciously built it into our strategy before.  We recognised not only is this something that we want to do in relation to building a responsible and sustainable business, but it’s very important to our employees and customers as well.

  1. How has the importance of ESG changed over time in your organisation?

Aspects such as treating our people fairly and with respect and managing our environmental impact through recycling for example have always been core to how we operate.  We now want to be more deliberate and active about this and much more of the wider ESG agenda through engaging our employees, our community and our customers.

  1. What challenges have you faced when introducing ESG practices into the workplace?

One of the key things is gathering the data and being able to measure accurately things such as our emissions.  We are working on how we can bring all this information from different sources together to tell the full story.  As a small company working in serviced offices, we are dependent on our suppliers for much of this information.  Fortunately, we are not the only ones asking for this, and through our discussions with TDH we are discovering ways to make tracking and reporting easier.

  1. Do you think that measuring and reporting on ESG performance is difficult or easy to do?

Right now, it feels difficult as we are setting it up for the first time.  Through having the right conversations and developing the right partnerships the plan is to make it easy moving forwards.

  1. What is your experience in managing and implementing ESG (environmental, social, and governance) strategies?

I think in many ways its pushing on an open door.  People, employees and customers, are much more aware of ESG and care about their impact on the environment and community around them.  For me it is about digesting the wealth of information and guidance there is and making informed decisions and actions based on what really works for us.


TDH is your partner in ESG compliance. We make it easy to meet your evolving needs. Our experts provide a comprehensive range of services, from strategic advice to practical implementation, helping you to effectively manage the complexity and risks associated with ESG integration. For more information on ESG and how to incorporate it into your business click here.

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